Law is a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. Laws can be made by a collective legislature or by a single legislator, resulting in statutes, by the executive through decrees and regulations, or by judges through binding precedent, normally in common law jurisdictions. Private individuals can create legally binding contracts, including arbitration agreements that may elect to accept alternative arbitration to the normal court process. The formation of laws themselves may be influenced by a constitution, written or tacit, and the rights encoded therein. The law shapes politics, economics, history and society in various ways and serves as a mediator of relations between people.

A general distinction can be made between (a) civil law jurisdictions (including Catholic canon law and socialist law), in which the legislature or other central body codifies and consolidates their laws, and (b) common law systems, where judge-made precedent is accepted as binding law. Historically, religious laws played a significant role even in settling of secular matters, which is still the case in some religious communities, particularly Jewish, and some countries, particularly Islamic. Islamic Sharia law is the world's most widely used religious law.

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Guest opinion: School safety and security assessment: If not now, when?

Erie Times-News 09 May 2021
"There ought to be a law” to protect us. And Congress regularly obliges by enacting yet one more variation of law from their seats in Washington. Informed citizens are aware that many laws already exist in each state to govern, restrict, and protect against the tragedy of in-public shootings and particularly the attacks on innocent children....

Police: Gambling raid in response to complaints

Decatur Daily 09 May 2021
A neighbor of a singlewide trailer that police described as an illegal gambling hall said the law enforcement action he witnessed Wednesday was extreme, but a Decatur police captain said his department was responding to complaints and protecting vulnerable citizens from unfair odds....

SC says pre-arrest bail in cognisable offences extraordinary remedy

Dawn 09 May 2021
The Supreme Court has reiterated that pre-arrest bail in a cognisable or non-bailable offence is an extraordinary remedy, extended for the sole purpose of protecting reputation and honour of an innocent citizen being hounded through abuse of process of law for sinister purposes....

People on the Move

The Scranton Times-Tribune 09 May 2021
In this role, Bonomo will join 17 other citizen volunteers from across Pennsylvania, as well as DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell, in reviewing all environmental laws in the commonwealth and offering suggestions on revisions or modifications to those laws ... Perry Law Firm ... Perry Law....

50 years ago, termination vote ushered in new era for US tribes

Billings Gazette 09 May 2021
... other citizens of the United States, and to grant them all the rights and prerogatives pertaining to American citizenship." ... A law that gave states criminal and civil jurisdiction over citizens of some tribal nations, Public Law 280, was also enacted and remains in effect today....

50 years ago, election ushered in new era for US tribes

Yankton Daily Press 09 May 2021
... other citizens of the United States, and to grant them all the rights and prerogatives pertaining to American citizenship.” ... A law that gave states criminal and civil jurisdiction over citizens of some tribal nations, Public Law 280, was also enacted and remains in effect today....

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Masks are no longer required?

Odessa American 09 May 2021
We are experiencing travel restrictions domestically and internationally—except for anyone and everyone crossing our southern border in violation of our immigration law ... The legal term defining a foreign person who enters our country in violation of our law is ... Who pays the price? We law-abiding citizens and law-abiding legal residents....

Alleged Isis recruiter Mohamed Zuhbi arrested on return to Australia

The Observer 09 May 2021
“We have a responsibility to prevent our citizens from contributing to violence and instability overseas. Our laws are aimed at discouraging Australians from fighting in overseas conflicts and endangering their lives,” the Australian federal police’s Commander Stephen Dametto said in a statement....

Helpline 15 received over 18 lakh calls in April

The News International 09 May 2021
A total of 88,784 callers were seeking information relevant to law enforcement and other sections concerned ... Citizen must refrain from misusing the facility because it may hinder the smooth services to a genuine emergency caller....

Registering guns is not onerous

The Bryan Eagle 09 May 2021
The state, he wrote, “has created an entirely new group of people to be excluded from the Second Amendment — unlicensed, law-abiding citizens within the privacy and confines of their own homes.” He declared that “any fee” applied to someone in these circumstances is unconstitutional....

Ordinance to check parents’ ‘eviction’ from homes issued

Dawn 09 May 2021
The district deputy commissioners have been given the authority to proceed in accordance with law if the vacation notice is not complied with ... “For instance, would such a draconian law increase the risk of physical violence by senior citizens’ siblings or offspring, even resulting in their death?” Ms Abdullah asked....

What could prevent gun violence?

CBS News 09 May 2021
... that law-abiding citizens should have more access to guns....

Racism tears at very fabric of United States

The Vindicator 09 May 2021
Are we next? If so, to save our country and democracy, the only vaccine for racism, prejudice and extremism is living under and adhering to the unifying definitions of the Constitution of the United States of America, our guaranteed bill of rights for all American citizens. For equal opportunity and the rule of law, “That’s all.” ... ....